Welcome To Aircon World

Air con world is different from other companies as the owner is on site for every job .
The benefits of this to the client is tremendous.

Namely the installation or repair is done properly and efficiently the first time simply to prevent losses to the company and thereby saving the client money but gaining quality.

Another major factor is that our show room is virtual , with no expensive costs attached ,so we able to discount the air cons and passing this benefit to the clients.We don’t have expensive sales reps or expensive management structures to support as well.

3 vehicles are used , properly maintained with registered loyal staff , staff go regularly fir new up dated training on all out products we sell. New start are trained regularly in the work and good business manners.

The company clientele comprises major corporate companies , smaller businesses and many many residential houses.

The company will not expand further.there are no plans for this , all work must be done in-house, as find unsupervised workers on site does mainstream damage to our company. , and there fore will not ho that way.

We get our bussines mainly from referrals as we established for 18 years now and intermittent advertising running frequent promotions.

Anyone can call us for advise at Any reasonable time, we are never off duty , this is our passion this is our life.